Saturday, January 19, 2008

Setting the table

The other night Nicky wandered into the kitchen and saw that I was making dinner. He sat at his seat for a moment, then picked up his plate, silverware, and napkin. Carried them back into the family room and set the picnic table set up in front of the T.V.

He was so cute, I had to take a picture, and then another..

Ouch! That light hurts my eyes.

When I told him that he had to eat at the kitchen table, he brought his stuff back into the kitchen and reset his place.


Beth said...

Is his walking commonplace now? Our Nicky is finally potty trained, which we all celebrate.

Anne said...

Yeah for your Nicky!

No, he isn't walking that much, mostly taking steps. But, he has this amazing bottom scoot that gets him everywhere, even though it's tough on the seat of his pants. He pushes with one arm and holds stuff in his lap. Nicky really has an amazing memory for detail and really likes order.