Sunday, November 12, 2006

Alumni Magazines

I really just need to stop reading the darn things, or at least the "Notes from Alumni" section. About 16 years ago I graduated with an MBA from a top business school. (At the time it was flirting around 6 now it's in the top 5). Along with my diploma, I receive the alumni magazine semi-regularly. A couple of weeks ago, it came. In the notes section was a blurb about a classmate who's now VP of Marketing and owns part of a minor league baseball team. Now, I'm now where near being a VP of Marketing, or anything else. Still changing diapers, etc. Logically, I know that only those who are doing well right in, or what's written is a bit inflated.

Of course, I could write something that sounds really grand....

After leaving Applied Biosystems some years ago, I've become president, no make that CEO of an accessories design & manufacturing firm. (O.K. so, I occasionally, sell a purse or scarf or two). And I've been volunteering my marketing talents for fund raising in several non-profit organizations (selling Boy Scout popcorn and Sally Foster gift wrap.)

Or, I could do what 95% of my classmates do and not write a thing.