Tuesday, September 30, 2008

School Days

Everyday, after he gets off the bus, I ask Nicky how school was and if anything happened. Usually, he says "bus" since the bus ride seems to be the highlight of the day. Today, he made the sign for Police Officer (the letter C held to your chest). It's career week and the father of another student, a police officer came to visit his classroom. Guess he made a good impression. A nurse also visited but she obviously didn't make as big of an impression.

Nicky can also pick out his name from a list of four names, write an N and an i, and tell you all the letters in his name!

Monday, September 08, 2008

First Day of School Pics

Only about a month late, first day of school pictures.
Nick & Dad waiting for the bus
M.E. & N at the door, a traditional shot
N at school, I took this one to annoy him
M.E. at the bus stop another chance to bug my kids

Letters vs. Numbers

Nicky can recognize all the letters, tell you what sound they make and even tell you some words that start with that letter. He knows that putting letters together makes words and can even recognize a few sight words. But, for some reason numbers are really tough. He can count to ten but if you show him a number he can't make the connection between the number and the word for it. I find it both fascinating and frustrating and for the same reason. He can obviously make a connection between an abstract concept of a written letter and the sound it makes. And the connection between a group of letters and a word and what the word means. But he does not apply the same numbers. With my older kids learning letters and numbers happened simultaneously, why not Nick? Something more to ponder and research.