Saturday, August 05, 2006

Parade of Finished Objects

I finished several things before we went on our trip and while on it.
First a hat for M.E. to go with her coat. She wanted a plain hat with "that smooth stitch" no cables or anything interesting.

Of course, Nicky thinks it "mine":

Another Chatelaine Shawl in Louisa Harding Kimono Angora. This is my own design based on a pattern from a Barbara Walker Treasury. It's knit from the top down. I wasn't quite sure how to end it, but was trying out short rows and thought it would make a neat shawl to have the points of the pattern diamonds as the edge.

I added beads to the cast-off edge. The edge was just a simple knitted cast-off instead of the knit 2, knit 2 together because I was afraid of running out of yarn, ended up with about 10 yards left.

Next the Hexagon bag. Ages ago, I was playing around with knitting quilt shapes, at the time I didn't know it could be called modular knitting. Each row of hexagons were knit around, not intarsia. It has an i-cord loop closure and a knotted i-cord "button". Knit from three colors of Patons Classic Merino. Only trouble was two different batches of winter white, one felted much better than the other.

Finally, a hat scarf combo out of Elann Peruvian Alpaca based on a pattern from BW's first treasury. Started the scarf sometime last fall, decided to add a hat.

Modeled again by M.E.

How Taurus am I?

You are 67% Taurus


A couple of nights ago, I told dear son #1 to go clear the Bionicles off of his bed in preparation for bedtime. I went upstairs a few minutes later to find this:

Of course, Nicky, the camera hog, saw me with the camera and wanted to get in on the action. Here he's showing off one of his new skills - Dressing himself...In my swimsuit top.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Hit Over the Head

Every so often I get in a funk about Nicky, focusing on all he CAN'T do instead of what he CAN, who he's NOT instead of who he IS. This one started on our visit to Michigan, we saw my brother & family. Their oldest is 3 days older than Nicky but miles ahead. Then last night, we all went on a bike ride down to our neighborhood pool & playground. There was a neighbor there with her twin boys who are about Nicky's age. Watching those boys I was just so sad. Anyway, came home put everyone in bed and was reading mailing lists and there was a note about a young man with DS who died this afternoon. Whomp, just a reminder to focus on what we do have and just enjoy what is, not what "could have been".

Nicky can:

  • Scoot everywhere on his bottom,

  • Sign or say more than 100 words,

  • Put together 2 and 3 word sentences (e.g. "Mommy no sing" everyone's a critic <sigh> ),

  • communicate his needs & wants,

  • Take his clothes off and put some on,

  • Follow directions when he wants to,
  • Throw an object hard & fast,

  • charm the pants off everyone he meets...and a million other things

In other words be a "normal child" whatever that is.