Tuesday, March 27, 2007


"You don't care what I want, you only care about what's best for me."
-Usually shouted at the top of the lungs when told it's time to stop playing video games or any other fun activity

"I think I have a VCR memory, but the tape is only a few seconds long, and it works better if I close my eyes."
-Following a discusion of photographic memory

"You didn't know that tarantulas take 4 to 8 years to mature, and you even went to college."
-After a unit at school on spiders

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Lately, Nicky has been standing and cruising the furniture a lot more on his own. This is a major improvement for a child who would hold his legs out at a 90 degree angle rather than put them on the floor.

There is hope!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

21 Things I Love About Nicky

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day 3/21

1. His eyes, they are the most remarkable color, hazel but with brown around the pupil and blue around the outside.
2. His laugh.
3. The way he says "Cool" at things that amaze him.
4. The way he says "Whoa" when were running to fast.
5. The way he crosses his arms & turns his head away to express displeasure.
6. Watching him try to do whatever Nate is doing.
7. That gap between his toes, so kissable.
8. His determination to do things Nicky's way in Nicky's time.
9. Watching Nicky groove to a beat.
10. Listening to him sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, little star."
11. Watching him sing "Itsy, Bitsy, Spider."
12. Listening to Nicky say "Wow" when something amazes him.
13. Those hugs, he melts right into you and that little pat on the shoulder.
14. That Nicky loves sleep almost as much as Mommy & Daddy.
15. Tucking him into the crib, how he attacks his pillow with such gusto.
16. When he says "Bob, DVD, again please."
17. Waking up to happy shouts & singing every morning.
18. Reading "Green Eggs and Ham" for the 100th time.
19. Peaking in, to see Nicky, face down, asleep on a book.
20. Hearing him laugh at something Nate has done.
21. Just having him a part of our lives and all the wonderful people he's brought.

Friday, March 16, 2007


We went out to dinner tonight to Smokey Bones. As we were walking in another family was coming out. After our kids had tromped in and theirs had tromped out there was that awkward moment when the adults try to figure out who should go next. The father paused a second too long. I looked up and in his arms was a beautiful little girl with DS. He was looking at Nicky and I understood why. A look of recognition passed between us and the moment was broken.

I never know what to say when I encounter another family with a child with DS. Certainly, I don't want to be wrong but I always feel I should say something, or something more.

As we were walking out we ran into a family we know from the kids' school. They have twin daughters in M.E.'s class and a son with DS who's almost 14. We chatted a few minutes and drove home. On the way home it hit me that 30 or so years ago, all three of these children might well have been in an institution. So good to be living now.


Scary, or as Nicky would say 'Cary

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Say Yes

There are several kids in Nicky's class who are bilingual or only speak Spanish and Nicky seems to have picked up a word or two.

Mom: "Nicky, do you want a snack?"

Nicky: (Nods his head.)

Mom: "Nicky, use your words, say yes if you want a snack."

Nicky: "Si" then makes the sign for cookies.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Didn't there used to be a house there?

Our nextdoor neighbors have decided to go a step beyond the tear-down-to-the-studs and/or add-on remodel. They've torn down there house and are building a new larger house. The house was torn down in under two hours more than a month ago (to the great enjoyment of most of the elementary schoolage kids in the neighborhood.) Now, it's a great conversation topic when we're out in the yard. I have to squelch my natural smart alec tendencies when asked "Didn't there used to be a house there?"


"Oh, my god, you're right, I wonder where it went?"
"House, what house? there was never a house there."

Then there was the woman who was walking by last week and insisted that she'd been out walking a few days before and the house was still there. Now, it's now my house, but I do remember when it came down, it was a pretty big event.

Our neighborhood is a close knit, established, one and the reactions of the pretty much cover the spectrum: anger, envy, disbelief, worry about taxes going up, worrying about resale value, etc. I'm sure things will settle down soon.