Monday, May 28, 2007


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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Neat Blog

I came across Paul's Blog, recently after finding his sister Jenna's petition.

Poor neglected blog

Sorry I've been absent. Typical end of the school year craziness plus some stress over Nicky's placement for next year, Nate's First Communion, Grandmother visiting and having a new puppy. We had the final IEP meeting (and I mean final, IEPs in our district are definitely a living and breathing document) of the year this morning and signed the papers to move Nicky from his current school to the preschool special ed center. We've agonized over the decision but I left the meeting happy & excited for next year. As part of the process we had a meeting with the director of elementary special ed and came away impressed with her commitment to having special ed kids in regular ed classrooms.

We also declined summer school instead I'm looking for private PT & ST. Nicky can now stand on his own if you trick him and is walking well holding onto one hand. Hopefully, he'll be walking by the time school starts.