Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anne's Excellent Goodwill Adventure

Cate's post on cleaning reminded me of my own adventure cleaning before Christmas.
It all started when I went into the junk heap basement store room looking for Christmas decorations and couldn't even reach them. A fit of recycling, tossing out, trips to Goodwill ensued. Not sure why we had saved every box from every electronic, computer, peripheral we have bought, but we did. Out they went.

The 6 boxes of stuff that were moved unopened from California containing hubby's bachelor kitchen equipment were dispatched to Goodwill.

Turns out the kitchen boxes contained dishes that my MIL had collected week by week with a grocery store coupon. Could I possibly check with Goodwill and see if they still have them?
Over to the drop off location. The truck has been sent on.

Over to the nearby store. Meet a very nice lady named Peggy who called the central office and see where the truck ended up. Go home and find a box with 10 diner plates.

Call Peggy again, still no news.

Go back to the store the next morning. Good news the truck ended up there! Buy back the dinner plates, bread plates, and cups & saucer. No bowls, though.

Tell hubby couldn't find bowls. He says "oh yeah Mom never bought bowls." 
I'm not sure what the moral should be? Never get rid of anything? or Ask hubby first?

Oh the storeroom still contains an old furnace we kept when we replaced when the A/C died a month after we bought the house, since we might some day build a vacation home and need it. Ditto the oven & cook top from when we remodeled the kitchen.

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Cate said...

That is hilarious, and yet sad. Are you going to send them to your MIL?

Those dishes look familiar. I think someone I know has them, but I can't think of who it is.

We've kept electronics boxes ever since Best Buy demanded one when we tried to return a phone that broke about a month after we bought it. They'd only take it with the original packaging.

The vacation home rationale scares me. I'm going to start using it.