Sunday, March 04, 2007

Didn't there used to be a house there?

Our nextdoor neighbors have decided to go a step beyond the tear-down-to-the-studs and/or add-on remodel. They've torn down there house and are building a new larger house. The house was torn down in under two hours more than a month ago (to the great enjoyment of most of the elementary schoolage kids in the neighborhood.) Now, it's a great conversation topic when we're out in the yard. I have to squelch my natural smart alec tendencies when asked "Didn't there used to be a house there?"


"Oh, my god, you're right, I wonder where it went?"
"House, what house? there was never a house there."

Then there was the woman who was walking by last week and insisted that she'd been out walking a few days before and the house was still there. Now, it's now my house, but I do remember when it came down, it was a pretty big event.

Our neighborhood is a close knit, established, one and the reactions of the pretty much cover the spectrum: anger, envy, disbelief, worry about taxes going up, worrying about resale value, etc. I'm sure things will settle down soon.

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jennifer said...

Even as I type I can hear the construction going on where there once was a trailer house, and now there will be a very very big, state-of-the-art house taking its place. I don't know how I feel about it. I liked the woman who used to live in the trailer house...she was a widow and she taught me how to bead. The new owner is a real estate developer and he gives me the willies...

I suppose it's progress. I just worry that we won't be able to live here, one day.