Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A few weeks ago, I took Nate to urgent care for an ear infection. Nicky came along. While we were sitting in the waiting area, a woman sat down across from us. Somewhat hard to understand, she asked if Nicky had Down Syndrome. I replied that he had.

Then she said: "I had Reye's Syndrome when I was 6 years old. I almost died. Now I can walk and talk. I'm a miracle baby!"

Writing, it doesn't sound all that remarkable, but this woman's joy in her accomplishments and life was so contagious I just had to share. I hope my own miracle baby has as much joy in his life as she did.


AlisonH said...

Here's my in-real-life-friend's blog if it's of any interest:
Bek had a child, adopted two, one with special needs, and then recently had another bio baby that has Down's.

AlisonH said...

By the way: my little sister's name is Anne, she lives near Atlanta, and she had a son she and her husband named Nicholas who was a trisomy-18 baby who died at birth. So you can see why my ears perked up when I found your blog.