Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You're Weird...

There is a restaurant in our village with a large grassy area in front. After eating their dinners the kids play while their parents finish up or enjoy another glass of wine. Sometimes, I'll send Nicky out with M.E. and others I go with him. He's walking but still looks a little like frankenstein. Last weekend, I went out with him while K stayed behind to pay up.

As we were walking out a little girl, about the same age, ran out of the restaurant next door. She saw Nicky and started running circles around him taunting "you're weird" in a sing song voice. It hurt and made me angry. I know, if something similar had happened to M.E. or Nate the incident would have been laughed off and forgotten. But because Nicky is different it stings and I can still hear "you're weird" running through my head. Also, because 99.9% of our interactions are positive this one sticks out even more.

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AlisonH said...

Someone needed to tell that child gently that it wasn't contagious and she wouldn't catch it. It's amazing how much of kids' taunting tends to be based on that fear. I grew up with a best friend whose older brother had cerebral palsy.

(She also needed to be told her behavior was unacceptable and to apologize to him, but that goes without saying.)