Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nicky's New Skills

Nicky now has the ability to produce tears at will, big drippy ones, and figured out how to use them for maximum effect to get his way. We were snuggling on our bed when Nate and worked his way in between us. Rather than hitting or pulling at Nate, Nicky stuck out is lip and started to cry.

He's also figured out the Toddler Rules. Everything he sees is now "mine." We've taught the big kids to trade rather than taking things out of his hands. Now, if you have something he wants, he'll first try yelling "mine", then if that doesn't work, he'll bring you something and say "trade".

And he's using a lot more two and three word phrases such as:
Help me (and the constant variation "help me mama")
I don't want to (picked up from school)

I am so pleased with these developments. For too long he was so passive, not getting upset when something was taken away. And the trading really shows the start of reasoning.


The Imperfect Christian said...

We're going through the same thing here! My middle one is now 2.5 and she has her own set of rules as well! The very timid and passive toddler we brought home at 15 months is no longer! Now she's much more willing ot stand up for herself and make her needs known!

Jessica said...

Part of me is dreading those days and part of me can't wait! Onyl 10 months old and he's learning how to trick me into doing things for him!

Michelle said...

Kayla has always been timid and passive as well. Kids would take toys right out of her hands and she would just look at them like ok, I didn't want to play with it anyway and then go find something else. I would feel bad for her, but she never seemed upset. For the most part she's still like that (except with us! If we try to take something away she'll say "let go!") I wish she would be slightly more aggressive with other kids though!

Shelley said...

I love it - such a good skill - it will come in handy in business and life! I use that strategy too although sometimes I worry that Kit is going to turn out to be a real little wheeler and dealer (or crack negotiater perhaps?). It is great to see them start to stand up for themselves and want they want though isn't it? Well done.