Monday, October 23, 2006


A couple of nights ago at dinner we were talking about wishes. M.E. was reading Children of the Lamp and The Blue Djinn of Babylon, stories about Djinns, or Genies. A discussion of what we'd wish for ensued and the kids said the typical things, video games, etc. Kim wished that Nicky didn't have DS. M.E. commented that you have to phrase your wishes very carefully, as the genie might take away Nicky's DS and give him something worse, not make him a typical child.

The funny thing is wishing away DS didn't enter my mind at that moment, rather I'd love to have a sister for M.E. When Nicky was born, I heard other parents say they wouldn't wish away their child's DS. I couldn't understand this thought. But now, having DS is such a part of him, I just can't imagine him any other way. Does this mean I'm finally starting to accept it?

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mum2brady said...

I would have to say I think acceptance sneaks up on you sometimes :) I wouldn't wish away Brady's ds, because, if he didn't have ds, he would be somebody totally different than who he is, and I would never want that :) I'm sure the same is true of Nicky :)