Friday, October 17, 2008

Catch Up Post #1: Nicky Turned 6!

Last Month Nicky Turned 6!
Obviously, Lightning McQueen and Woody are still among his favorites (we should have bought stock in Disney)
What an amazing year it's been:
  • Nicky finally put it all together and started walking independently.
  • He can now climb up and down stairs holding onto the hand rail and occasionally uses reciprocal steps.
  • He is putting together two, three and longer sentences. Some are just words and some are combinations of words and signs.
  • He can reliably recognize all of the letters and tell you the sound it makes.
  • He can write NICK.
  • He can count to 5 and recognize some numbers.
  • He is starting to use pronouns correctly, although I do miss "carry you".
  • He still loves music but is starting to be a critic of family members' singing.
  • He knows how to operate the DVD player and can turn on the tv with a remote.
  • He can operate the mouse to play computer games.
  • He knows animal signs for a vast number of animals and can make the animal's sound.
  • He's getting very good at bossing everyone around and ignoring us when he doesn't want to do something.
  • He can throw and kick a ball.
  • He's just such a love and a blessing.

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Cate said...

Happy Birthday Nicky!