Friday, February 22, 2008

Rip, Thunk

Nicky loves to take his shoes and socks off, will do it anywhere, anytime, he's given the chance.

We were driving over to M.E.'s school for a dinner and an open house. It's a short drive, less than 10 minutes. About halfway there I hear rip, thunk, rip thunk from behind me.

"Nate, did Nicky take off his shoes?"


"Nicky, don't you dare take off your socks."

After a minute of silence...

"Na, na, na..."

"Nate, did Nicky take off his socks?"

"Yep, and he's saying na na na boo boo."

Sure enough, in the rearview mirror, I see that Nicky has his thumbs in his ears, waggling his fingers singing "na, na, na"

I did the only thing I could, laughed.

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nancy said...

Hi. I'm Nancy. I just started a blog for my son, Zach. And it's fun finding other families with little kids like my Zach.
I laughed when I read your post. It reminded me of one time when we went to one of our many hospital visits with Zach. We parked next to an old couple who were helping their son in the back seat. He had Down Syndrome - he must have been around 35 or so...
Anyway, you know what they were doing? They were helping him get his socks and shoes back on. We thaught it was so funny and we talked with them a little as we told them shoes and socks were Zach's biggest pet peve. They smiled and told us not to expect any change of habbit...
You're a good mom. All we can do sometimes... is just laugh!