Friday, August 10, 2007


Miles: 2236
Days away: 13
States: 5
Times Nate climbed Mt. Pisgah: 5
Kids: 3
Dogs: 1 (Daisy)
Dead batteries: 1
Strained backs: 1(mine)

Before school started we made our annual trek to Michigan. A few days in Ann Arbor at Grandma's house, a week on Beaver Island and a few more days at Grandma's. Beaver Island is one of my all time favorite places on earth. My father is buried there and we went on our honeymoon there. It's a bit quirky,once home to a colony founded by Mormon, "King" James Strang with a year round population of about 300 which swells to 10 times that in the summer, things definitely operate on island time. Because it is somewhat difficult to get to there is a lot of unspoiled beauty. My family started visiting when I was in college and it's now become the trip my kids look forward to every year.

A family of turkeys strolling accross the front yard

Nate preparing to climb Mt. Pisgah again

We left a treasure in the tree for our friends Katie, Laura, Scott, and Matthew

Enjoying the sun and sand

Even Grandma and Daisy enjoyed the beach

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mum2brady said...

What great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time! I checked out Beaver Island - looks cool :) I had to read the history, being LDS myself, and never having heard of King James Strang, I was curious. I wasn't surprised to find he had left the church, thinking himself the true leader, and set up his own form of mormonism LOL What a great place to make yourself king of :)

So happy you had fun, and I hope your back is feeling better!