Thursday, June 21, 2007


Having a conversation with Nicky is a bit like a game of charades. He communicates with a combination of words, signs, gestures and acting out his point. His favorite movie right now is "Toy Story" and he's quite good at speaking the title. It's hard to resist him when he asks for it so well. Lately, he's taken to acting out the shows and movies he know well. Both while watching and afterward. He had us in stitches tonight with his imitation of Sid's dog Scud, pretending to be Woody lassoing, driving RC, and Buzz's "Too infinity and beyond."

His favorite conversation starter (and continuer) is "Doin'?" as in "what are you doing?" He'll ask it while I'm driving, cooking, etc. He'll ask it about characters in picture books. He'll ask his siblings. His version of "why." Tonight, he opened the bathroom door (another recent obsession - opening doors) and asked me "Doin'?" Sigh, no privacy anymore.


Cate said...

Ha! William does that to me. But our bathroom door locks, so if he can't open it, he turns off the light switches (they're in the hall outside.) Nice.

mum2brady said...

hee hee hee - bathrooms should be sacred, but for some reason, once you have kids, they are just communal ;)

WTG on the communication Nicky - wonderful!!!!

Shelley said...

Potty training nightmare here - nothing much is sacred. Love the 'doin?' - not so keen on Kit's favourite 'Why?' though!