Tuesday, February 13, 2007


When I was pregnant with Nicky and found out he was a boy, I thought I knew what to expect. We already had Nate who is a fall boy. Following Nate's trail Nicky's early life was mapped out, where he'd go to preschool, what classes he'd be in perhaps even the teachers would be the same. The first adjustment came when Nicky was born 3 days before his due date instead of a week after. Oh, yeah, and that little DS thing. But, I thought he'd still go to the same preschool, just a little later and take things slower. But he'd still go there and then onto the same elementary school as the big kids. Nicky turns 3 and still isn't walking, the preschool won't take him. So he's in a self contained classroom. Something, I didn't want. But he's happy there and doing well.

We had an IEP meeting this morning. The good news was he's met many of the goals we set in September and they need to be revised. Part of the meeting was to look at inclusion options. The bad news is he doesn't meet the criteria for the preschool inclusion. Another readjustment. Wondering if he'll go to the same elementary school as Nate or will he still be stuck in self contained. He needs more maturity, needs to be potty trained, to interact more with his peers. He's about half-way there on the list of criteria. There's always hope, he has 6 months until the next school year starts and 18 until Kindergarten.

He's also showing his independence in ways that doesn't please his therapists & teachers. Throwing things when he doesn't want to do a task and/or scooting away. There was talk of an FBA and a BIP. Not, yet. He's definitely got a mind of his own.

Tonight, with a bit of prompting he said "Want water please, mama." And "thank you mama" with no prompting when he got the water. Also saying "Candy" and "Peppermint patty" very clearly. It's all about motivation.


mum2brady said...

Our school district doesn't offer an inclusive preschool program, so, I had to go out and find typical preschool options for Brady. Ever since he started preschool, he has attended both the special ed preschool and a typical preschool class, where he is the only child with special needs. It has been great for him, and he loves going to the typical classroom. He is not potty trained yet, but I found a school that would take him in pull-ups. He's had 2 or 3 "accidents" this year, where they've had to change him, but I'm hoping that we will be able to work on potty training this summer.

I think having a child w/ds means revisiting and revising your realities from time to time. But, I find that with my typical kids too, as they grow and develop their own tastes and talents :)

WTG Nicky on meeting your goals - that's awesome!!!

zannetastic said...

Hi...I saw you posted on my blog about my little T21 guy, Owen, and I just wanted to say he went through the same behaviorial issues as your Nicky when he first started school (throwing things, running for the door, etc). But, after some tough love from the teachers in the great program he's in (15 typical kids, 5 special needs kids) he has shown tremendous growth and gained so much independence. He almost needed to be retrained, because I think it's in their nature to want to misbehave. Hope that helps.